Adult Karting

ryan3Safety is always top priority at Pioneer Valley Indoor Karting and this is why we use top of the line brand new Sodi GT5 Karts. Sodi competition karts are the number one indoor kart manufacturer in the world, and while these karts are capable of speeds up to 40 mph, they are also designed with safety features such as a 3-point safety belt, roll bar, and bumper system. The new HEAD System (a patented high energy absorption system which offers levels of security and comfort that had been previously unattainable in rental karts), enclosed fuel tank, and full floorboard to protect the driver’s feet and legs. The GT5 is as safe as rental karts come. All karts have fully adjustable seats AND pedals that allow anyone from 48” to 78” to comfortably fit, further ensuring the karts can be operated safely by all drivers.

Our Sodi GT5 Adult Karts have very sensitive steering and responsive handling, which is ideal for experienced drivers but forgiving for new racers. The adult karts feature a 200cc, 6.5 hp Honda engine capable of reaching 35-40 mph.

kidtransOur Sodi GT5 Junior Karts are designed for children ages 8-15, the karts feature a 160cc, 4.6 hp Honda engine capable of 20-25 mph. These karts are identical to the adult karts in terms of safety features and performance; they’re just designed for smaller, younger, less experienced racers. For additional information on Junior Karting Click Here