Jr. Race League

Junior League Overview

ALL Junior’s Beginner/Intermediate/Expert AGES 8-18 are invited to join the next season of PVIK Junior Race League. This season we are going to offer 2 divisions; Jr. 140cc Class and Jr. 200cc Class. Drivers Ages 8-12 will be placed in our Jr. 140cc Class and ages 13-18 racers will be placed in the Jr. 200cc Class. Jr. 140cc Karters can graduate to Jr. 200cc with either a single lap of 19.99sec or less in at least two weeks OR Multiple 1st Place Finishes*
*League manager must grant the upgrade of kart, it is decided on a case to case basis.
In the meeting we will be going over rules and points structures.  We will also be asking for any suggestions and or concerns. Kids attending the meeting don’t have to be a part of the races that day however we will be running league right after the meeting.
The structure of the Jr. League each week will consist of: 18 Lap practice, 10 lap qualifier, and a Final 25 Lap Position Race. 
The league will be $40 each racer for each week of participation or $35 if there are multiple siblings.  Both leagues will be open format so any one can join any time.  You can also run one week or run them all however for points to count towards championship racers must attend at least 50% of the sessions. We will be spotlighting the top three drivers each week with pictures of them on our Facebook and here on our site Click Here.
Please if you can’t make the Sunday meeting and you are interested in learning more about the junior league feel free to call the track 413-446-PVIK(7845) or fill out form below!
Want to stay updated with the current Jr. League Standings? Click here!

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