PVIK Offers Specific League’s for ALL Ages & Experience Levels! ALL Leagues are OPEN PUBLIC Format, meaning there is no pre-registry and it is designed for anyone and everyone to come and participate with no financial commitment. This means you pay only the weeks you come to. Below is a list of the Leagues PVIK currently offers CLICK the league to get more information on the specific League Format that fits your age/skill level.


AGES 8-16: Junior League: Beginner/Intermediate/Expert
AGES 17 & Older: Saturday Adult Intermediate League! 
AGES 17 & Older: Tuesday Advance Adult League!

The fundamental goal of PVIK Leagues is to provide Racers of ALL AGES & SKILL LEVELS a FUN & FAIR environment to compete and race together, and ultimately bringing together like-minded people who share the passion for racing and having BLAST! Question? Feel Free to call 413-446-7845 OR email: leagues@pioneervalleykarting.com

PLEASE NOTE: PVIK League Formats are designed specifically based on Age, Skill-Levels, and a individuals progression and improvement. No single factor can guarantee League Advancement. By request a racers premature advancement is reviewed on a case to case basis and decided with complete discretion by management and ownership. League policies are in place in the best interest of all racers fairness and overall safety. For further clarification or more details please call or ask for a manager upon arrival.


Junior League Standings Page
Tuesday Open Advanced League
Saturday Starter League Standings
Body Works Unlimited Standings (private)