Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost?

Answer: 1 race is $20, if you buy 2 races you get the 3 rd race free for $40. All prices are per person. For further pricing questions please Click Here

Q: How long is a race?

Answer: Races are 8 minute sessions, and Tuesdays are 12 minutes. Average adult Drivers
are getting between 15 and 25 laps per race, and juniors are between 12-18 laps per
race (this is an average lap count, some drivers will get more or less depending on

Q: Do I need some sort of membership?

Answer: No memberships are required, although we do offer a membership to customers
that race often with us. Members get special discounts and loyalty card to earn free races. For more information call 413-446- PViK

Q: How old do I need to be to race?

Answer: We can run kids ages 8 and up and taller than 48 inches weighing less than 180lb. Any Rider under 18 that will not be accompanied by an adult will need to bring a waiver on their first visit to the track. It must be signed by a parent.
For more information please call 413-446- PViK

Q: Can I race with my kid?

Answer: Yes you sure can! We typically book juniors and adults in separate heats. Parents that want to ride in the same heat with you child, will just be reminded they are booked into a junior heat, and there may be other juniors or parents also racing in the same heat (not random adults). Juniors in these heats HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY.

Q: Are your karts the fast ones?

Answer: Yup! They ARE the fast ones. We top out with the fastest REAL track speeds in Massachusetts. Our karts are capable of on track speeds over 40mph. In our parking lot we’ve got our karts up to 55mph! That means you’ll never run out of gear on track at PViK. It keeps you challenged and potentially able to gain higher speeds each lap!

Q: Do you book kids with adults?

Answer: Unless a junior has advanced to an adult kart, adult and junior heats are kept separate. In the case that a parent wants to race with a child, they can be booked in a heat together, but it will be considered a junior heat. There may be other parents and/or kids in the heat. Adults that race in a junior heat must remember the kids HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY.

Q: Do you do birthday parties?

Answer: Yes we do! Click Here for party and group rates

Q: Do I need a reservation?

Answer: No reservations are required, and we are open 7 days a week for Arrive and Drive sessions. If you are interested in a reservation or private session we do have packages that are structured for groups. Click here for Group Packages

Q: Is there a dress code?

Answer: We ask that you don’t wear loose or dangly cloths while riding and NO open toed or healed shoes will be allowed. We have shoes to rent, and a fresh pair of socks if you forget.

Q: How long is the track?

Answer: Our track is designed to challenge the beginner and expert alike. It is a 1000ft road course with 7 lefts and 4 rights with a track record just above 18 seconds.
Come down and beat it, and get a free year VIP membership.

Q: Do you offer military discounts?

Answer: Yes! Military, Police, Fire Fighters, EMT’s all receive free memberships and member pricing.