Adult Ironman Race

PVIK Endurance Racing Series

If you love racing and 6 minute sessions are just not enough; we have the race for you.  The Indoor Track 200 lap event runs 100 laps in the forward direction and 100 laps in the reverse direction with up to 9 racers.   Super Track events are 100 laps all in the forward direction with up to 14 racers.  

How to sign up:

A $50 deposit is required to hold your spot in the race.  Deposits are only refundable if we can fill the spot.  $50 will be charged the day of the race ($100 total).

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The first person to complete all the laps ends the race!

All drivers must weigh up to at least 200lbs. IE: if you weigh 160lbs you will add 40lbs of lead weight. (we have weights here at the track)

We will randomly draw for kart selection.  Kart numbers will help determine starting position.  We will flip a coin to see if starting position is low kart number to high kart number or high to low.  

This is a race for position. The race will start single file bumper to bumper. If there's a caution before the first lap is completed we will re-grid to the starting order. If a driver is involved in an incident that causes a caution (intentional or not) they will be re-positioned at the back of the last position of the lap they are on.   Both the driver who was spun out and the driver who caused the spin out will go to the back. IE:  Pos 3 and 4 cause a caution and there are 7 people on the lead lap, those drivers involved would then be moved to position 6 and 7. 6 being the person who was spun out and 7 being the person who caused the caution. If a driver is involved in 3 cautions they will be penalized a lap.  If they are involved with a 4th they will be black flagged for the entire race.

Aggressive driving will not be tolerated. With indoor karting some contact is expected, but aggressive maneuvers for passing are not allowed. Drivers may be asked to give a position back if a Track Official deems the pass illegal.

The goal is to have fun! Retaliation will not be tolerated and will result in immediate black flag for the race.

Please feel free to contact us with questions during normal track hours.  This is a fun race for everyone, including our staff.  Spectators are welcome.

About Pioneer Valley Karting:

Pioneer Valley Indoor Karting opened in 2012 and is the areas only locally owned and operated indoor karting track. Our location on RT 5 in West Hatfield serves customers all over Western and Central Massachusetts, Southern Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and New York. Hatfield to some might seem far but we are only 10 minutes from UMASS Amherst near Hadley, 25 minutes from I91 exit 7 in Springfield, 20 minutes from the VT border. PVIK is visible from Interstate 91 which means no pesky lights or traffic to worry about.  All skill levels are welcome, and kids as young as 8 can race alone on the track safely.  We even allow mom and dad to race one of our adult karts in the same heat as their kids! We just ask parents to give kids the right-of-way.  All other adults are placed in separate adult heats.

Location and hours:

Hours of operation:
Arrive and Drive (Walk in and race)
Monday: 11am-10pm
Tuesday: 11am-10pm
Wednesday:  11am-10pm
Thursday 11am-10pm
Friday 11am-11pm
Saturday 11am-11pm
Sunday 11am-8pm

A: 10 West Street, West Hatfield, MA 01088
P: (413)446-7845

All online purchases are final and cannot be returned, exchanged, or refunded. Please call with questions before making an online purchase to avoid unforeseen issues.

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